Man Defies Gravity and Runs 360 Degree on a Loop

Damien Walters is a stuntman and also a former gymnast, is a practitioner of freerunning and parkour.

He becomes the first ever man that defies gravity by running 360 degree on a loop in Pepsi Max commercial.

Lily Aldridge Lingerie Commercial

Watch Lily Aldridge as she struts her assets in a Victoria Secret lingerie commercial.

McDonald’s Baby Commercial

New dad tries to order McDonald’s through drive-thru but he can’t stop or baby will wake up.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Candies Commercial

Vanessa Hudgens in Candies commercial. Check out the video: -

Jessica Jane Clement’s LYNX Rise TV Commercial

Jessica Jane Clement is an English model and actress. She made her name in BBC’s The Real Hustle.

Check out Jessica Jane Clement Lynx Rise TV commercial: -