Tiger Woods’ Divorce Is Conclusive

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren have finally reached a divorce settlement.

Ms. Nordegren and Mr. Woods issued this joint statement on Tiger Woods’ website:

We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future. While we are no longer married, we are the parents of two wonderful children and their happiness has been, and will always be, of paramount importance to both of us. Once we came to the decision that our marriage was at an end, the primary focus of our amicable discussions has been to ensure their future well-being. The weeks and months ahead will not be easy for them as we adjust to a new family situation, which is why our privacy must be a principal concern.

This bring an end to Woods’ six-year marriage after confessing cheating with numerous women.

Tiger Woods Sues PETA for Ad Campaign

PETA is planning to put up billboards that made fun of Tiger Woods controversial sex addiction and encouraged people owning pets to control the pet population.

PETA Ad Campaign involving Tiger Woods

The billboard says: -

“Too much sex can be a bad thing for little tigers too. Help keep your cats (and dogs) out of trouble: Always spay or neuter!”

But the ad campaign has enraged the golf champion, and his attorneys have filed a suit against PETA for mocking Tiger Woods.

Virginia Fort, an activist for PETA said, “It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek approach. We hope these billboard companies will understand.”

“The world has been transfixed on Tiger’s life after Thanksgiving. We’re putting the focus where it needs to be. We’re sure Tiger will appreciate our attempt — from a story that’s distracted the world and followed Tiger — to turn it into something positive for little tigers.”

But the advertisement campaign has been stalled for the time being. A spokeswoman from PETA said, “In light of conversations we have had with Mr. Woods’ attorneys, plans to run our billboard are on hold at this time.”