Poem, My Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Dear Amy,
I thought you went to Rehab…
Maybe you just couldn’t Help Yourself…
Tears Dry on Their Own… or do they?
Take the Box of tissues for me, please…
I’m In My Bed — You Sent Me Flying…
I know you’re Stronger Than Me…

Just Friends,
James Pong, a so-called fan

Poem, My Tribute to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,
Black or White, You Rock My World.
The Way You Make Me Feel, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.
Gone Too Soon, Ain’t No Sunshine.
2 Bad, I Can’t Help It.
Speechless, Heaven Can Wait, Cry.
Whatever Happens, Dont’ Walk Away.
Keep the Faith, Remember the Time.

James Pong, a Michael Jackson fan