Lady Gaga – Judas Music Video

Check out the music video of Lady Gaga performing Judas.

Headis Is The New Table Tennis

Headis is a new sport that’s evolutionary. Known as header table tennis, Headis uses regular table tennis table but a much larger ball made of rubber. And the equipment? You just need to use your head!

Headis was invented by ports a science student in Germany back in 2006.

Not good in any kind of sports? Now, it’s time for you to shine.

Check out the video below: -

What Happens When You Slow Down a Justin Bieber Song by 800%?

Justin Bieber is very popular. But when you slow down Bieber’s "U Smile" by 800%, it sounds like an Enya number.

(Via Gawker)

Inhaled Pea Sprouts in Man’s Lung

Doctors found a pea growing in a man’s lung in Massachusetts. Initially, they even thought it was cancer. Ron Sveden had been sick for months. His wife, Nancy, was beyond happy with this strange twist of fate.

Woman Wakes Up to Find Intruder in Her Bed

Huntsville police are searching for a man who broke into a home and got into bed with a woman. People does all sort of things these days.