Zhang Ziyi As a Travel Host

Zhang Ziyi's Oman
Zhang Ziyi’s Oman

Zhang Ziyi, the Asian beauty and the star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha will take a new role, as travelogue host. Filmed in high definition, the Zhang Ziyi Travel Series features the 31-year-old Beijing native travelling to Oman and Inner Mongolia to experience the unique culture and heritage of the two locations.

The Zhang Ziyi Travel Series premieres on Nov 14 on National Geographic (Astro Channel 553).

Vampires: Is It Real?

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How Many Eggs Do You Eat in Your Lifetime? — Human Footprint

How many eggs do you eat in your lifetime? How many newspaper do you eat in your lifetime? How many glasses of milk do you drink in your lifetime?

Human Footprint by National Geographic will show you just that. The number of eggs eaten in one’s lifetime is different in the US compared to UK and Japan. Nevertheless, the objectives of Human Footprint is to make you realize when you eat an egg, you’re not just eating an egg. You’re eating the gas the truck used to deliver the egg, the coal used to generate electricity for its refrigeration, and the resources to boil, fry, or poach that yummy egg. And that’s your human footprint — how much of the world you use in your life time.

How many eggs do you eat each week?

For example, if you eat 7 eggs in a week, you’ll consume 28,301 eggs in your lifetime. That compared with an average of 27,559 eggs consume by Japan, 19,826 eggs consume by U.S. and 13,345 eggs consume by U.K. averagely in their lifetime.

Human Footprint is available in HD on Comcast Digital Cable this Sunday, April 13 at 9pm ET/PT and is part of the Preserve Our Planet Project. Do your part to make our planet a better place to live.