McDonald’s Baby Commercial

New dad tries to order McDonald’s through drive-thru but he can’t stop or baby will wake up.

Wedding Packages at McDonald’s Hong Kong

Toast with soft drinks only at McDonald's Hong Kong
Toast with soft drinks only at McDonald’s Hong Kong

If your childhood birthday party at McDonald’s is something so memorable that you still think of right now, then having your wedding at McDonald’s would be a dream come true! And your dream is about to become a reality coming January 1, 2011 when McDonald’s Hong Kong rolls out McDonald’s nuptial packages for couples!

The package includes a baked apple pie wedding cake, dress made out of party balloons, kiddie party favors for guests, and of course, catering by McDonald’s. Couples get to toast with soft drinks instead of alcohol.

Fries Kiss
Fries Kiss

McDonald's Balloon Dress
McDonald’s Balloon Dress

According to the South China Morning Post, McDonald’s Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung tells that the chain has been getting 10 calls a month from people who wanted to throw their wedding bash at McDonald’s joints — the idea came about when one couple who met and dated at McDonald’s held their wedding party at the Admiralty branch this year.

McDonald's Apple Pie Cake
McDonald’s Apple Pie Cake

The nuptial packages, however, are only available in Admiralty, Mei Foo and Smithfield branches for the time being.

Would you held your wedding at McDonald’s?

Viral Gay-Friendly French McDonald’s Ad

A new commercial for McDonald’s in France namely "Come As You Are" is getting viral. It’s refreshingly groundbreaking.

In the spot, a teenage boy sits in a McDonald’s booth, looking at his class picture, when his phone rings. “I was just thinking about you,” he says, with obvious affection. “I miss you, too” he replies, and then says that he has to go. His dad is coming to the booth with their food. Father sits across from son and comments that he was “quite the ladies’ man” when he was his son’s age. Dad then looks at the class picture and remarks that “it’s too bad” that his son’s class is all boys. The son can only smile.

I’m Yours – McDonald Version

Some McDonald’s fanatics ordered their food by singing and strumming to McDonald version of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. Lovin’ it!

KFC Employee Seen Buying McDonald’s Breakfast

KFC employee is seen buying McDonald's Breakfast
KFC employee is seen buying McDonald’s Breakfast

How odd is that? Not really odd but with the KFC shirt on, it’s really odd.