How to Live Forever [Infographic]

Do you ever wish you could live forever? Like the vampires? As an immortal? Well, now you can — or almost can. Enjoy!

How to Live Forever [Infographic]

Via The Smoking Jacket

How to Cook a Turkey

Thanksgiving is here and having a Turkey dinner is a tradition. However, I believe many still has no clue on how to cook a Turkey. Check out the videos below: -

How to Cook Turkey – Prep and Roasting

How to Cook Turkey – Gravy

Worse comes to worst, just buy one from your local grocery store to save all the trouble.

Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Avoid A Parking Ticket — Nissan Micra Commercial

Nissan Micra commercial teaches you how to avoid a parking ticket. Hilarious!

South Park: How to Fix the Internet

South Park shows us how to fix the Internet when it’s down.

How to Paint the Mona Lisa with MS Paint

Is this for real? If it is, it’s way too amazing, especially when most people can’t even draw this with Photoshop!