Maxim 2010 Hot 100

Maxim has come out with its Maxim 2010 Hot 100 list and guess who’s on the top?

Katy Perry.

Maxim 2010 Hot 100

Why Katy? “It’s that feeling you get when you suddenly realize that the smartest, funniest, coolest girl you know also happens to the best looking and a pretty good skateboarder too,” Joe Levy, Maxim editor in chief, explained to ABC News. “All of a sudden, your crush goes supernova, and this is Katy’s supernova moment.” But she’s not on the cover.

Other stars in the list include Avatar’s star, Zoe Saldana on number 3, Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively on number 4, Megan Fox on number 5, just to name a few. However, Jennifer Aniston is not in the list.

What’s your thought?