Apple Introduces iPad

Apple iPad

Apple has come out with a new product called “iPad”, a large touch screen that lets you surf the web, send email, view photos and videos and much more. At 9.56 inches height and 7.47 inches width, iPad is also lightweight at 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) for a Wi-Fi model and 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) for a Wi-Fi + 3G model.

With Apple iPad, you can do the followings: -

  • Surf the web using Safari
  • Check your emails and keep in touch like never before
  • Enjoy and share photos, you can even use it as a digital photo frame
  • Watch HD videos, TV shows or music videos
  • Organize videos on YouTube through YouTube app
  • Listen to music through iPod app
  • Access the iTunes store
  • Access the App Store
  • Read books using iBooks app
  • Navigate Maps and see the world with hi-res Satellite and Street View images

Apple iPad starts from $499, the Wi-Fi models will be available in March while the 3G models will start shipping in April.

Apple’s Fourth-Generation iPod nano

Apple's Fourth-Generation iPod nano

Apple’s fourth-generation iPod nano may seems a little tall but it’s actually slimmer than its predecessor. Some of the new features include Genius Playlist for your music, new games made especially for iPod nano, shake to shuffle your music, tilt or turn iPod nano on its side to listen, watch, and play in new ways.

Apple's Fourth-Generation iPod nano and its Genius Playlist

For a deeper insight, check out AppleInsider’s review.

Terminator 2 Skull DVD Player

The Terminator Skull DVD PlayerThe Terminator Skull DVD Player

Very cool to have. Why didn’t John or Sarah converted the skull of Cromartie into a DVD player instead?


What Every Man Wants in Bed

I sure want this Nrx2005.

Apple iPhone Now in 16GB and iPod touch in 32GB

Apple officially announced on their web site that the new iPhone now comes in a new 16GB model at $499. The iPod touch now comes in a new 32GB model for also $499.

Now you can carry more music, photos, and videos!

The tagline for iPod touch is however sounds a little lewd — "Now there’s even more to touch." LoL!

Apple iPhone Now in 16GB