Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio Reenact Titanic Scene on SNL

Jonah Hill was dissing his Wolf of Wall Street costar Leonardo DiCaprio in SNL when DiCaprio appeared and they both reenacted a scene from Titanic.

Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Ashes Onto Ryan Seacrest

One of the highlights at Oscar 2012 was when Sacha Baron Cohen spilled ashes onto Ryan Seacrest to show him how “The Dictator” gets the job done.

Future Jeremy Lin Headlines

With the Linsanity getting bigger and bigger, here are some suggestions of future Jeremy Lin headlines.

The Simpsons Angry Birds Parody

The Simpsons visit the E4 convention, and see “Furious Fliers” which depicts Angry Birds.

McDonald’s Baby Commercial

New dad tries to order McDonald’s through drive-thru but he can’t stop or baby will wake up.