Former Google Employees Start A New Search Engine Called ‘Cuil’


Former Google Employees has unveiled Cuil Inc (pronounced “cool”), a new search service at that the company claims can index, faster and more cheaply, a far larger portion of the Web than Google, which boasts the largest online index. Cuil claims it boosts an index of 120 billion web pages, and is the most comprehensive search engine on the web.

Tom Costello, Cuil co-founder and chief executive, said in a statement.

“Our significant breakthroughs in search technology have enabled us to index much more of the Internet, placing nearly the entire Web at the fingertips of every user.”

A search of the term "yowazzup" shows 13,548 results compared to 11,000 at Google. However, Cuil only shows up to 23 pages, which means a maximum of 230 web pages.

When I go to the Preferences and turn on "Safe Search" and "Typing Suggestions", the term "yowazzup" shows zero result.

Cuil may be cool but it still lacks something that Google has.