China Pulls Out 2D Avatar

China has made a surprise movement by pulling out the 2D version of Avatar from cinemas. Authorities claimed the decision was a commercial one, mentioning the 3D version made up two-thirds of ticket sales. Critics argued that the film’s plot parallels the removal of millions of residents to make way for property developers.

The governement has also denied reports that the reason behind the pull-out was made to reduce competition for home-grown films, especially a biopic of philosopher Confucius, starring Chow Yun-Fat, which is due out next week.

Tattooed Goldfish, The New Pet in China

Tattooed goldfish
Tattooed goldfish

Tattooed goldfish is the new goldfish. If you think only humans can have tattoos, you’re wrong. Someone has come up with the idea of inscribing tattoos onto goldfish and voila, a major commercial success! Tattooed goldfish has becoming a major demand in Chengdu, Sichuan province in China that prices has shot up to 100 yuan from the initial 20 yuan.

(Via China Daily)

China’s Cosplay Convention at ChinaJoy

China’s cosplay scene is evolving with ChinaJoy, also known as China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference. ChinaJoy, at its 7th year was held in Shanghai recently. Like E3 in the United States or the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, ChinaJoy is a convention where people from all over the world gather and talk about digital entertainment and global game industry. Also, ChinaJoy held a cosplay carnival at the Shanghai International Expo Center.

Cosplay carnival at ChinaJoy
Cosplay carnival at ChinaJoy

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Boy Drinks Gasoline to Become Transformers

Xiao Fang, a 14-year-old boy from Xingwen in eastern China has been drinking gasoline for five years in the hope of becoming a Transformers, a report has claimed. The boy consumed the petrol to obtain energy and become a “valiant fighter” like Optimus Prime, after watching the animated version of the successful film franchise, his father told Shanghai Daily.

The drinking pattern began in 2004 when the teenager’s mother owned a grocery stall, while she noticed that lighters were going missing from the stand.

“He began to drink gasoline five years ago, when we found (out) he liked smelling lighter fuel,” his dad said. “Afterwards, we found our motorcycle’s gasoline was always disappearing, and one day when we found the boy had drunk a half bottle of gasoline stolen from the motorcycle, we were too shocked to say anything.”

“Since my son started to drink gas, his IQ has dropped sharply and now he can’t figure out simple addition and subtraction. Before that, he was a very smart boy, and he could even repair the television. But now he does not know the answer of 7 plus 17.”

“The gasoline contains a lot of lead, which can do harm to people’s brains. To make things even worse, the boy is in the physical development stage, and the lead has caused serious damage to his body,” Dr Peng Houquan added.

Bird’s Nest Replaces Mao on 10 Yuan

China's New 10 Yuan
China’s New 10 Yuan

China’s 10 Yuan used to have Mao Zedong’s face on it, not anymore. With the Olympic Games’s hype (and for decades after that), China have replaced Mao’s face with with its infamous Bird’s Nest Stadium on its 10 Yuan note.