Books Is ‘Most Popular Online Buy’

More books are sold on the internet than any other product and the number is increasing, research suggests.

Polling company Nielsen Online surveyed 26,312 people in 48 countries. 41% of internet users had bought books online, it said.

South Korea leads the world with 58% of online users who actually buy books followed by Germany at 55% and both Austria and Vietnam at 54%. US is no where near the Top 10.

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Books Can Be Arts Too

Most artists use a brush or pen to create his / her piece of work. However, Georgia Russell who hails from Scotland uses scalpel instead. Her creations look like some fairy-tale creatures.

Georgia Russell

Abelardo Morell, Cara Borer, Robert The and Takeshi Ishiguro are also book artists who use books to create their art installations.

Cara Barer

Cara Barer

Check out their artworks made from “books”.

The Hobbit

Though I don’t have time to read many books, recently I purchased the paperback version of The Hobbit. Unlike The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit is a much shorter story. I have to say that it’s very engaging and exciting though things don’t progress as quickly as the movies. The Hobbit movie is most likely to be screened in 2007.

The Hobbit focuses one on hobbit – Bilbo Baggins – uncle of Frodo Baggins and son of Bungo Baggins.

Initially, Bilbo Baggins didn’t like to travel because Baggins were very respectable not only because they were very rich but also because they never had any adventures. Gandalf and the dwarves have to convince him to join them for an adventure. Along the way, he traveled to many great places. He also found the One Ring and beat Gollum in a riddle competition.

If you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, you may want to consider buying the The Hobbit Collector’s Edition in Hardcover.

The Hobbit Collector's Edition in Hardcover
The Hobbit Collector’s Edition in Hardcover