Great Yummy Bags!

How would you like to carry super cool purses/bags that’s not from LV or Coach? These bags (are advertisements only) are not only super cool but will definitely make passers-by turn their heads twice.

Shredded beef purse
Shredded beef purse

Cheese purseCheese purse

Bacon briefcase
Bacon briefcase

I love the bacon briefcase, in particular (since I’m a guy), it’s sure professional!

(Via Amazing Design World)

Every Girl Needs the Bag-Bra

Bra BagLingerie maker unveils brand-new eco-friendly bra which can be transformed into a shopping bag.

The bra called the "No plastic bag bra" is made of recycled polyester and can be transformed into a shopping bag when it’s taken off and the pads are unfolded.

The company has no plans to mass market the bra as they don’t want to embarrass conservative people.

Japan is known as one of the biggest consumers of plastic shopping bags which wastes oil resources when produced and eventually contributes to global warming.

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