Angry Birds: Special Winter Wonderland Level Only on Chrome

Squawk! The festive season is around the corner and Angry Birds has a new level!

Angry Birds and Samsung Galaxy Note proudly present a special level and a cool hi-score competition. Play the special Winter Wonderland level at and enter the contest at

Angry Birds Winter Wonderland
Angry Birds Winter Wonderland on Google Chrome

Angry Birds Winter Wonderland comic strip
Angry Birds Winter Wonderland comic strip

Angry Birds Winter Wonderland Level
Angry Birds Winter Wonderland Level

You can also download them to play offline.

Meanwhile, check out the video as the pigs and the Angry Birds exchange greeting cards!

The Simpsons Angry Birds Parody

The Simpsons visit the E4 convention, and see “Furious Fliers” which depicts Angry Birds.

Real-Life Giant Angry Birds

Rovio has created a real-life giant version of Angry Birds to promote Deutsche Telekom’s new services. The giant version of the game was set up and filmed at Plaça Nova de Terrassa in Spain though it wasn’t fully functional.

Playable Angry Birds Cake

What’s more yummy than a playable Angry Birds cake? Check out the video from Electricpig below: -

(Via Electricpig)

Angry Birds Valentine’s Day Card

Angry Birds-themed Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what’s better to send your loved ones an Angry Birds-themed Valentine’s Day card?

Since the Angry Birds plush toys are only shipping in March, sending the cards through Facebook app is the next best thing. You can post the card to your loved one’s Facebook wall.