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Kung Fu Panda 3D Paper Characters

Kung Fu Panda 3D Paper Characters

Still can’t get enough of Kung Fu Panda? Why not make your own Kung Fu Panda 3D paper characters?

All you need to do is print the art using inkjet printers on matte brochure papers, cut out and put the pieces together by following the assembly instructions.

Check out
Kung Fu Panda 3-D paper characters by HP

How to Paint the Mona Lisa with MS Paint

Is this for real? If it is, it’s way too amazing, especially when most people can’t even draw this with Photoshop!

Lost Your Glasses? No worry, See Again with This Trick

GlassesSometimes you may have misplaced your glasses, lost it and never found it again. During these times, don’t you wish you can actually see, so you can find your glasses?

Robert Krampf have done an "Emergency Glasses" experiment by using materials you can find easily – a piece of leaf or paper and a needle, a pin or a sharp nail.

Checkout the Emergency Glasses experiment. It really works!

Master Locks Are Not Safe

Master Locks are easily hackable, so don’t use it!

Cook A Turkey with A Light Bulb And DVD-Rs

No oven, no problem. You can use a light bulbs and some DVD-R’s dual-layered to cook a turkey!