Giorgio Armani’s Madre Perla collection starring Megan Fox

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Giorgio Armani pays a Holiday tribute to an inspiring era. The elegance of the 30′s is setting the tone for the season, embodied by the ever glamorous Megan Fox, as a Hollywood goddess in pure style. Sleek lines, sophisticated colours, luxurious details… Art Deco in all its glory with one of its iconic materials: Madre Perla, inlaid in a precious case, heralding a must-have product.

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    Megan is really carrying herself well with the GA’s collection. Good decision to choose Fox over other endorsers. Will look forward to this in the market.

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    Wow Megan Fox, haven’t heard much about her for a while. Wishing her all of the best and way to live up to her name!

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    My goodness, style really was style during the film noir era of the 30s and 40s. Megan’s unbelievable beauty really shines through in that video like nothing she ever acted in before. She could have competed right up there with greats like Garbo or Davis back then.


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    I think this was a great ad campaign.  She is really stunning I can see why they choose her. Megan has a fantastic look!