GoDaddy CEO Shoots Elephant Video

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GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons made the headlines for the wrong reason. A video of Parsons shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe made the rounds Thursday causing it to become a hot topic in the Internet. So, shooting elephants is the new sport for the rich? Will you boycott GoDaddy?

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    Wow, that is an outrage.

    And if Zimbabwe is not protecting the elephants from hunters, shame on them too.

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    This is kinda sick, I mean how hard can it be to shoot an elephant. Thats not cool.

  • Komodo Dragon

    I really can’t stand and their ridiculous commercials and now their boss doing something like this. I’m sure he knows very well it will cause controversy and that’s all he wants or cares about, good or bad publicity.

  • Laptop Briefcases

    Well it looks like Bob Parsons got this video removed due to copyright infringement. It is disgusting that rich people get a kick out of hunting exotic species. I already dislike GoDaddy, but after this I will be sure to never do business with them. Boycott GoDaddy!