Unstoppable (2010) – Movie Review

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Unstoppable is an action thriller directed by Tony Scott (The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Enemy of the State) starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as the main protagonists.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in "Unstoppable"
Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in "Unstoppable"

Based on a real-life story and inspired by the “Crazy Eights” unmanned train incident in 2001, Unstoppable focuses on an unmanned locomotive nicknamed “The Beast”, also known as “Triple Seven”.

An AWVR employee in Fuller named Dewey ignorance caused an unmanned train “Triple Seven” to run one its own. While it nearly missed a train with schoolchildren, the danger is not over as “Triple Seven” heads towards populated towns from rural Pennsylvania.

When yardmaster Connie Hooper (Rosario Dawson) and VP of Operations Oscar Galvin (Kevin Dunn) both cannot agree on how to stop the train, it’s only up to Will Colson (Chris Pine), a conductor on his first day of work and seasoned engineer Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) as the unexpected heroes. Frank and Colson have to bring out their wits, dedication and courage to stop an unmanned train traveling at 70 mph.

Unstoppable, like its title, is a heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping action thriller which will keep you grip to your seat from start to finish and leave you breathless. Denzel Washington’s stellar performance together with the chemistry with Chris Pine makes Unstoppable even more effective.

Overall, Unstoppable is one of the best action thriller films for 2010, and it doesn’t involve robots, war tanks, or superheroes, just ordinary citizens.

My ratings: 8 out of 10.