Animal Sleep Time By Hours

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Below are the average sleeping hours animals (including human) need per day. And guess which animal sleep almost the same number of hours as men?

19 hours+

  • Brown Bat (19.9 hours)
  • Brown Bat

18 hours

  • Giant Armadillo (18.1 hours)
  • Giant Armadillo

  • Python (18 hours)

17 hours

  • Owl Monkey
  • Owl Monkey

16 hours

  • Infant Human (16 hours)
  • Tiger (15.8 hours)
  • Tiger

  • Tree shrew (15.8 hours)

15 hours

  • Squirrel (14.9 hours)
  • Squirrel

14 hours

  • Ferret (14.5 hours)
  • Three-toed Sloth (14.4 hours)
  • Golden Hamster (14.3 hours)
  • Golden Hamster

13 hours

  • Lion (13.5 hours)
  • Lion

  • Gerbil (13.1 hours)
  • Rat (12.6 hours)

12 hours

  • Cat (12.1 hours)
  • Cat

  • Cheetah (12.1 hours)
  • Mouse (12.1 hours)

11 hours

  • Rabbit (11.4 hours)
  • Jaguar (10.8 hours)
  • Duck (10.8 hours)
  • Dog (10.6 hours)
  • Dog

10 hours

  • Bottle-nosed dolphin (10.4 hours)
  • Bottle-nosed dolphin

  • Baboon (10.3 hours)
  • Chimpazee (9.7 hours)

9 hours

  • Guinea Pig (9.4 hours)
  • Guinea Pig

8 hours

  • Adult Human (8 hours)
  • Pig (7.8 hours)
  • Pig and Human have a lot in common
    Pig and Human have a lot in common

7 hours

  • Guppy Fish (7 hours)
  • Guppy Fish

6 hours

  • Gray Seal (6.2 hours)
  • Gray Seal

5 hours

  • Elderly Human (5.5 hours)
  • Goat (5.3 hours)
  • Goat

4 hours

  • Cow (3.9 hours)
  • Cow

  • Asiatic Elephant (3.9 hours)
  • Sheep (3.8 hours)

3 hours

  • African Elephant (3.3 hours)
  • Donkey (3.1 hours)
  • Horse (2.9 hours)
  • Horse

2 hours

  • Giraffe (1.9 hours)
  • Giraffe

  • 123321

    haha, very cool info

  • 123321

    haha, very cool info

  • milind

    very nice information.we really don’t know about it.

  • milind

    very nice information.we really don’t know about it.

  • coco1212

    I had no idea giraffes and horses sleep so little, where do they draw their energy from? To me it seems like an absurdly short time to get enough rest.

  • Nikkhil Bhuwania

    u shuld also add some more animals as zebra

  • Eder

     Science still doesn’t know why we sleep, but it doesn’t have much to do with energy storage. We get energy from food, as the other animals do. But certainly, when someone sleeps, his brain is doing something it can’t do while he’s awake, and it is something extremely vital. Herbivorous animals that live on open environments had to adapt to sleep less because they are always in danger. On the other hand, predators such as lions and tigers have little to fear, and so they sleep much more. Also different animals have different brains, and each one has a different need to sleep so that their brains are able to work properly.

  • San Jose Jumpers

    Its crazy how animal sleep, did you guys know that a bird can sleep while it’s flying? LOL, Thats the reason why they can fly for miles. One eye is open while the other eye is close. half of there brain function while the other half of their brain goes into sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Dolphins also sleep half of a brain at a time.  The swim in circles as a pod, and the eye on the outside of the circle is awake, along with the opposite side brain.  After a few hours, they switch  direction of the circle, which eye is outside and working, and sleep the other side of the brain. They can’t sleep both sides of their brain at once, because they have to continue going up to breathe, and need to be alert to predators.

  • escargot

    Wow that is really interesting information.  I never thought about how much sleep animals get.  I am also surprised at the lack of sleep some of them get.

  • Annhogan88

    you forgot us humans LOL. that cats picture looks exactly like my BJ, a beautiful flamepoint. he sleeps a good 12 hours a day for sure.