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Evening Roundup

Good evening! Happy 50th Birthday to Malaysia!

30 Days of Night (2007) Trailer

30 Days of Night trapped with the vampires, how does that sound? Opens on October 19, 2007.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Watch Ratatouille

As I am still elated from the overjoy of watching the movie Ratatouille last week, I can only write this article today. I have to admit that this is one of the best animated movies by Pixar. Since many people have reviewed the movie, I’m only going to list down ten reasons why you should watch the movie.

Remy is always being chased in Ratatouille

10 Reasons You Should Watch Ratatouille

  1. One of the best animated movie by Pixar to date! Even the experts say so!
  2. One of the “must-watch” movies. Whether you like cooking, culinary, gourmet food, France, Paris or rats, you will love this movie for sure. Even if you hate rats, you will still love this movie. LoL!
  3. The movie is beautiful. The backgrounds, the buildings, the props and the surroundings are so surreal. Even though this is an animated movie, everything except the characters look so real, you may even think it’s actually shot in Paris!
  4. It gives you positive vibes. Even though the food critic Anton Ego disagreed (at first), Remy was positive enough to believe otherwise – with Gusteau’s motto “Everyone can cook!”, the movie is inspiring.
  5. It give you more positive vibes. When the critic Anton Ego wrote his review, he mentioned that he finally understands Gusteau’s motto. He wrote, “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” Truly inspiring.
  6. It shows us how to live our lives. Though Remy is just a rat, he enjoys food very much unlike his brother, Emile, who just swallows most food without chewing and eats mostly garbage. Remy teaches us to savor food, to enjoy the aroma, the spices and the every bite of very good food.
  7. It shows us how to reach for our dreams and follow our heart. Remy is a truly different rat compared to his brother, Emile and the rest of the packs. He believes in his dreams and will go for miles in order to achieve it. His dreams is, of course to become a great French chef. Despite his family’s wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat, he goes all the way to achieve his dream.
  8. It’s a good family movie. Suitable for adults and children, it’s fun to watch together with your entire family. Maybe then, you can even compare who’s Remy and who’s Emile. LoL!
  9. It’s funny and fun to watch. With delicious humor and fresh jokes, you can enjoy your evening relaxing while laughing at the light-hearted humors.
  10. Even the critics say ‘yes’. Rotten Tomatoes, the famous critic site (not food, but movie) gives Ratatouille a strong 96% and an average rating of 8.5/10!

What more reasons do you need?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007) Trailer

We all know Adam Sandler’s a funny man. And we all know that Kevin James from the sitcom ‘The Kings of Queens’ is equally amusing. What about a movie with both of these nutheads in it – playing husband and wife? Whoa, that’s inane!

Evening Roundup

Good evening. Without evil there could be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes.