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Evening Roundup

Good evening. Bad news ahead.

Morning Roundup

Good morning, world!

Man Scares Lion Away with Toilet Paper

This man is crazy to get this near to a lion. In fact, there are two lions, one waiting behind.

Twisties Chipster

Twisties Chipster, Hot & Spicy flavor
Twisties Chipster, Hot & Spicy flavor

Recently, Twisties has come out with a new range of potato chips called “Chipster”. The flavors include Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Onion, etc. The potatoes are said to be 100% imported. Get your Twisties Chipster today! Available at most retail outlets in Malaysia and Singapore only.

Gadget That Teaches You How to Smile

Beauty Smile Trainer

It may seem odd that nowadays we even need a gadget to help us smile. But this gadget is a no-brainer that’s basically just a mouthpiece that many would have thought of. You can smile naturally already? Well, this gadget can help you smile wider and more amicable.

It’s even endorsed by a cosmetic dentist (the woman on the top left.) In addition to improving your smile, the product promises to reduce facial sagging, making your countenance more firm and petite.