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Transparent Toaster

Transparent toaster
Transparent toaster

This would have been great if the concept is realized. Imagine “no more burnt toast”! Awesome.

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My Paper Optimus Prime

I have to admit it’s not as smooth as I want but it took me quite some efforts to finish the job.

My paper Optimus Prime in robot form
My paper Optimus Prime in robot form

My paper Optimus Prime transforming
My paper Optimus Prime transforming

My paper Optimus Prime transformed!
My paper Optimus Prime transformed!

My paper Optimus Prime in truck form
My paper Optimus Prime in truck form!

You can make your own a paper robot too! Just go to Paperrobots1999.com

Die Hard 4.0 (2007) Trailer

Live free or die hard!

Transformers (2007) – Movie Review

After watching Transformers on June 28, 2007, I didn’t do the review straightaway as I was still in awed of the great action-packed movie. Now, I’m only going to do a sparing review since most of you probably haven’t watched this yet.

Optimus Prime in action

Contrary to what most people said about Michael Bay’s movies, Transformers (2007) is probably directed by the most suitable person as Michael Bay managed to prove all the critics wrong by creating such an awesome masterpiece. Although the new Transformers movie has the robots changed its shapes and transformations from the original, they are nevertheless awesome and most suitable for a movie for this generation compared to the 1986 movie. In the making of Transformers, Michael Bay admitted there were more than 10,000 parts just for Optimus Prime – and I believe he means the parts in CGI form.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The movie started with the AllSpark cube floating aimlessly in the space after a humongous war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The cube somewhat landed on no other than Earth. Although Megatron managed to get to Earth before any other Transformers, but he was frozen and dormant. The puzzling thing is, what actually made Megatron frozen? It could be the temperature in the Arctic Circle, but somewhat Megatron managed to kill Sam Witwicky’s grandpa, Captain Witwicky before he got frozen. While Captain Witwicky managed to find the location of the AllSpark cube, he got killed and the rest of the crews somehow transported the gigantic cube back to the States using whatever means they have (they didn’t show this part). Despite the puzzling parts, the movie continues with Blackout (Decepticon) landed in US military base in Qatar and a huge fight scene pursues. Or its more like a one-way war with Blackout destroying almost everything in the base and left only a few survivors.

As the people in the Pentagon found out that Blackout (or an unidentified being at that moment) was attempting to hack into Pentagon to dig some information and all they have got was a signal, they setup many different groups of highly intellectual people (geeks) to investigate and identify the signal. Maggie Madsen (Rachael Taylor) and her team managed to find out that the signal belongs to a living robot with DNA cells but Defense Secretary John Keller (Jon Voight) did not believe in a thing she said unless she has the evidence. As a last resort, she then copied the highly classified data using a 2GB SD card and went to her friend/adviser, Glen Whitmann’s (Anthony Anderson) house to uncover the data. Somewhat the defense department managed to trace them in somewhat a very short time and FBI caught Maggie and Glen.

Then the movie takes us to the classroom where Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) has to present something in his history class. He talked about his grandpa, Captain Witwicky’s great exploration and discovery but ensues to auction off the items (including the glasses) in the classroom with a mouth of words to his eBay auction. His teacher initially gave him a “B-” but he managed to convince him to change it to “A-” which means he gets to get his dad to pay half of his first car, which led us to Bumblebee, initially a 1974 Chevrolet Camaro (later on transforms into a 2008 Chevrolet Camaro). After getting his car, Sam was of course, in pursue of girls, which led us to Mikaela (Megan Fox).

That’s all the story I will reveal as I am quite a bit worried that the FBI will track me down as the US-release is only July 3. LoL!

The movie has a lot of elements which include the Internet age, i.e. eBay, illegal music downloads, etc. which was quite humorous in a way. Somewhat, this movie is highly commercialized with GM’s Chevrolet, Nokia, eBay, etc. If you haven’t watched the Burger King’s ad, watch it here.

Overall, the movie is just freaking awesome. Definitely, “more than meets the eye!” I will watch it in the cinema the second time, the third time and will get the DVD version and watch it on iMax. Anyone wants to watch it with me? I promise I won’t tell. LoL!

Burger King Transformers Movie Commercial

Everyone’s trying to cash in on Transformers movie. Optimus Prime wants a Whooper!