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My Sassy Girl in Korean 17 Tea Commercial

Watch sizzling Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun (famous for her role in My Sassy Girl) in this hot “17 Tea” commercial.

Cute And Funny Animals

Nothing’s cuter and adorable like these animals.

A mixed of companies: a bunny, a mouse, a kitten and a puppy!

Mmm.. Snacktime? A cat in the middle of a pack of German Shepherd dogs!

A duck leading his babies to cross a busy street! Indeed!

Weird or Cool Pair of Shoes?

Weird or cool pair of shoes?

Imagine wearing this pair of shoes to work or to the shopping mall! People would keep staring at your feet. From the first look, they might even think your shoes are worn and have holes in it. No, wait, they’ll think you’re barefeet! LoL!

Afternoon Roundup

Good afternoon. It’s a finger-licking good day!

Barrymore Is People’s ‘Most Beautiful People 2007′

Drew Blyth Barrymore was given the No. 1 spot on People magazine’s annual “100 Most Beautiful People” list for year 2007. She’s often portrayed as the “Girl next door” though she possesses the natural beauty that many doesn’t.

Drew Barrymore, first known through the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, has actually started acting two years before E.T. when she was only 5-year-old! In fact, Barrymore’s career began at the age of 11 months when she auditioned for a dog food commercial! Her next upcoming film “Lucky You,” is dued to release on May 4, 2007 in the U.S.

Drew Barrymore proves the critics wrong as she’s awarded the top spot in People’s Most Beautiful. Cute, down-to-earth though occasionally goofy, Drew Barrymore tells People magazine, “I just think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period.” She beats the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman to the top honour.

Also making the “Beautiful People” list are celebrity do-gooders Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tyra Banks.

Other good-looking list-makers include Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore