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Give Bluefin Tuna A Fighting Chance

Will all bluefin tuna end up like this?2007 could be the year that the magnificent bluefin tuna, the fish behind the finest sushi in the world, disappears from the Mediterranean.

Take action now to save bluefin

Over recent years, high-tech fishing fleets have hunted down, often illegally, ever declining numbers of these ocean giants. So much so that bluefin tuna could soon be commercially extinct.

In May, the bluefin tuna fishing season starts again. But rather than acting to stop this tragedy the European Union has set fishing quotas at a level more than twice as high as science recommends. As a result the fishery is likely to collapse.

Send an email to the governments of France, Spain and Italy – the main bluefin fishing countries in Europe – and ask them to take responsibility for their fishing fleets. Ask them to set aside or allocate half of their fishing quotas this year for conservation.

(Via WWF Passport)

Very Funny Banned Commercial – Flavored Condoms

Very funny banned commercial. Hilarious!

Transformers Costumes

These guys wear Transformer costumes that can transforms!

Skywire – Addictive Cable Car Game!

Skywire is an addictive cable car game in which you have to take your passengers to safety.

Play Skywire now!

How To Walk Down The Street In Japan Efficiently

This is how you should walk in the streets of Japan!