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Morning Roundup #21

Good morning, world!

Lord of The Rings Online (MMORPG) Opens For Free Beta

The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM, the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online game, is currently scheduled to launch on April 24, 2007. Even though it will be launched in April, the game is now opened for beta. Sign up now and you can be playing this new MMORPG as a beta tester!

Visit The Lord of the Rings Online Official Website

Sexually-Themed Wedding Cakes

Every occasion there are cakes to suit the theme. While, we have seen the normal wedding cakes. How many of you have actually seen sexually theme wedding cakes?

The Amazon Swim Project

Martin Strel, a legendary Guinness record marathon swimmer, has always been looking for the challenges of impossible and the Amazon is going to be the next one. On Feb 1st 2007, Martin Strel is going to start swimming all the way from Atalaya (Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém (Brazil) along Amazon river. He is planning to reach 3,375 mile (5,430 kms) long ultimate challenge in 70 days. Martin Strel has already achieved many world records before this extraordinary project.

He has dedicated this swim to the preservation of the rainforest, to raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, and to promoting telemedicine as a valuable tool in bringing modern medicine to remote areas.

Amazon is the largest river in the world and the world’s second longest river and swimming in it can be fatal with so many predators from pirahnas to sharks. However, Piran Café pointed out that Candiru fish as the Amazon’s most notorious fish as what it can do to human is worst than you can imagine. Candiru also known as Vandellia cirrhosa, will follow the urine’s path, swim into the penis, and, with it’s umbrella-like spines, lodge itself inside the urethra. No chance of removal.

Read and follow the daily updates of the Amazon Swim at www.amazonswim.com

Some Guy Called Matt Dances Around The World!

Matt Harding dances around the world. Pretty cool to be able to do that.