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Evening Roundup

Good evening. Bizzare things happen sometimes – it makes you wonder a lot.

Are You Ready For A New Relationship?

Does it surprise you that so many people say they want to establish a relationship, but seem to fail time after time?

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The America World?

Alright, this picture is too funny. ROFLMAO!

Retired General Named As New Thai Premier

Thailand’s military junta has reportedly chosen a former army commander as the country’s interim prime minister. 63-year-old Surayud Chulanont, a highly regarded retired general, is the man who has been appointed, according to the state broadcaster. But military sources say no announcement will be made until the new constitution has been adopted which is expected to be this weekend. The military ousted elected prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra ten days ago in a bloodless coup while he was attending the UN General Assembly in New York. He is now in London and has not indicated whether or not he may try to return to Thailand. Meanwhile, the United States has imposed sanctions on Thailand and called for a swift end to martial law.

Evening Roundup

Though the weekend’s around the corner, tensions heat up in many places around the globe.