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From Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Sid: For a second there, I actually thought you were gonna eat me.

Diego: I don’t eat junk food

Satria Neo

What do you think of the NEW Proton Satria Neo?

If you haven’t heard about it, check it out from their mini site: http://www.satrianeo.com.my/

I think it’s kind of gorgeous and sleek. I would have bought this instead of Gen 2, if it came out earlier…

Fruits Are Bad!

For the record, eating fruits without brushing teeth afterwards could stain your teeth.

Additionally, words like ‘applesauce’ and ‘raspberry’ never mean anything pleasant. That’s right. as I have described what applesauce is in my earlier post. Here, now, I describe ‘raspberry’.

In dictionary.com, one of the meanings of ‘raspberry’ is: –

3: a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt [syn: boo, hoot, Bronx cheer, hiss, razzing, snort, bird]

It can also be spelt as ‘razzberry’.

Put them together in a sentence. ‘Razzberry!’ ‘Such an applesauce!’ Sound fruity? I think not!


Today’s still 666 (at the time of posting). I posted this post for the sake of posting on this very day.

666 is popularly known as the number of the beast. I’m not here talking about 666, therefore, if you want to know more about The Number of the Beast, click here.

Gaming is Good

Lately, despite having tests around the corner, I was able to put myself into gaming instead of studying. Here, I’ll list down why Gunbound is good.

The Pro’s about Gunbound

1. Able to learn how to swear in Spanish especially if you play after 12AM +8GMT (LoL!)

2. Able to learn how to communicate in other languages, i.e. German, Italian, French and Spanish, sometimes, Dutch, Swedish, Tagalog, etc.

3. Able to ease oneself after a hard day slog (only if you win most of the time).

4. Able to fight for your country. Now who says you have to play sports or be an army to join the forces?

5. Able to dress yourself up with avatars. So, now, no need to get cosplay costumes or put on the make-ups and get dressed – save the hassles.

There are prolly a lot of more pro’s if you’re able to control yourself. Just like any other things in life – too much is never good… neither is too lil’. I learnt what a 9mm Baretta is when I played ‘Jagged Alliance Deadly Games’ when I was 13 or 14. I learnt what a Machete is when I played Diablo. I learnt a lot from PC games. And I will continue to learn while I play.

Remember, don’t only work hard, but play hard, learn hard and kill hard, and live life cool…